Assessment of Complex Thinking: a new special issue from Theory Into Practice

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'Assessment of Complex Thinking' is the theme of Theory Into Practice, Summer 2015, Volume 54, Number 3, guest edited by Kadriye Ercikan, University of British Columbia.

This issue of Theory Into Practice focuses on the topic of assessment of complex thinking. The contributors discuss challenges and provide models of assessments of complex thinking in disciplinary areas as well as intersections of these disciplines. During the last two decades, there have been great developments in research on how students learn in different subject areas, and the progression of knowledge and competencies.¹  

This research has emphasized complex thinking as part of desirable learning outcomes in many areas in education. These include problem solving in mathematics,² higher order thinking in reading,³ inquiry and knowledge integration in science,⁴  and historical reasoning and thinking in history education.⁵  However, complex thinking is often neglected in assessments of student learning and there is limited research to guide designing and validating assessment of complex thinking.⁶  

The special issue gives an interdisciplinary perspective on connections between cognition and assessment, discusses challenges in developing assessments of complex thinking, provide models of such assessments for formative and summative assessments and discuss validation investigations.

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