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New partnership helps educational research hit headlines


Routledge, Taylor & Francis announces a new sponsored partnership of the Education Media Centre, which further enhances the effective communication of educational research to mainstream news outlets.

The Education Media Centre is an independent charity established to improve public and media understanding of educational research and evidence. The centre aims to raises awareness of educational research by connecting journalists with academic expertise to encourage high quality educational stories in the news.

Routledge, Taylor & Francis is the world’s leading academic publisher in the field of education and educational research, publishing over 200 journals and over 800 books per year.

“We are pleased to confirm our working partnership with the Education Media Centre” comments Dr Liz Marchant, Editorial Director. “We very much look forward to working with them to shine a light on key educational research”.

Routledge, Taylor & Francis has worked with the Education Media Centre on several recent news stories, bringing about headlines including “Boys could benefit from greater numbers of girls in schools”, “Teenagers opposed to Fitbit use in schools”, and “Grouping students into ability-based sets holds back less able pupils”.

“We are delighted to have formalised our working relationship,” says Fran Abrams, Chief Executive of the Education Media Centre. “Our job is to help connect the media with the best evidence about what works in education, and this partnership helps us to have better access to that research.”

Get the expert take on how to communicate your research to the media with Fran Abrams’ top 10 tips: https://editorresources.taylorandfrancisgroup.com/ten-top-tips-for-engaging-with-the-media/.

About the Education Media Centre
The Education Media Centre is a charity set up to help the public understand more about education issues which appear in the news. It does this by helping the news media find out about and report on research and evidence produced by education experts in universities and other institutions in the UK and around the world. Its goal is for the public to be able to read, hear, see and understand the best evidence on education. The EMC has no affiliation or leaning towards any other organisation and has no political, ideological or research agenda.