Taylor & Francis Online implements CrossRef’s CrossMark service

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis has implemented CrossMark, the version and update identification service from CrossRef, on its journal platform, Taylor & Francis Online. The CrossMark service helps users to navigate to the most recent version of a scholarly document, such as a book chapter, journal article, conference paper, or encyclopaedia entry. It also has the benefit of illustrating a document’s history by highlighting any amendments that have been made, including corrections, updates, errata, retractions and withdrawals.

Taylor & Francis has begun with a pilot of 25 journals, and thereafter hopes to extend this to every article published from January 2014, in all of its 1,800 journals.

In addition to versioning details, Taylor & Francis will include CrossMark publication record information. This contains a peer review statement, funder information (if applicable), and a link to the aims and scope of the journal. Readers can access all of this information by clicking on the CrossMark logo displayed by the article, in both the PDF and HTML versions.

Gillian Howcroft, eProducts Director at Taylor & Francis is enthusiastic about this development,
“CrossMark is a great initiative as it gives researchers a consistent and reliable way to identify when updates to an article are available, simply by clicking on the CrossMark logo. We are extremely pleased to be rolling this out to all our journals this year and to be able to include additional information about the source of any funding a piece of research has received, as well as directions to where information regarding a given journal’s peer review policy can be found.”

Kirsty Meddings, CrossRef Product Manager added,
“Taylor & Francis has identified, and now can display, important information about their scholarly content by affixing the CrossMark logos to their content and displaying updates and publication record data when readers clicks on those logos.  Researchers will be able to tell in an instant if a change has happened to a paper, even if they downloaded a PDF version of the article months before.”

 See the CrossMark service on Taylor & Francis Online here.

For more information please contact:

Jennifer McMillan, Head of Communications,
Taylor & Francis Group