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Do we have a long-term sense of being, direction in life and wellbeing because of travel and tourism? Tourism psychology research has previously been concerned with tourist motivation, behaviour in and satisfaction with destination but new research explores how tourism might affect people’s perceptions.

This article Does Tourism Change our Lives published in Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research looks at previous research to explain the difference of this new research, it investigates people’s perceptions using four focus group discussions, MUNSH methods, Oxford Happiness Inventory and Oxford Happiness Questionnaires.

With 83 million Chinese travellers in 2012 (UNWTO) this research has been tailored to China, split between those that have travelled outside of mainland China in the previous 12 month and those that haven’t. Analysis has been carried out from the results of 682 questionnaires and ten themes that were used in the focus discussion groups.

The article concludes that although there are further areas to be looked into such as the distanced travelled, destination, how tourism affects people in their everyday life, motivation and satisfaction, travel and tourism does impact younger people enabling this generation to better cope with the modern day pressure and the rapidly changing world, acquiring a more positive life outlook.

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