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Book publication announcement

19th January 2022

Lean Startup in Large Organizations Release

Routledge announces the release of the new title Lean Startup in Large Organizations: Overcoming Resistance to Innovation, by James A. Euchner.

To better compete and drive growth in today’s marketplace, large corporations must become far more agile in implementing new products and new business models. The pace of technological change, the blurring of industry boundaries, and the agility and resources of startups in almost every industry segment demand it.

Many companies have begun to adopt the principles of Lean Startup but have had limited success in doing so. The principles seem intuitive and straightforward, but there are challenges to using them inside an existing company, especially in a manufacturing environment. The challenges include:

  1. Developing a business model that fits the assets and constraints of the corporation
  2. Managing the conflicts that inevitably arise with the “performance engine” that is, with the current operating business
  3. Managing the risks of investing in a new venture for a company used to investing where the risks are more clearly understood
  4. Conducting lean iterate-and-test cycles with physical goods as well as with software offerings (for manufacturing firms)

This book describes a systematic approach to implementing Lean Startup practices in large organizations. It is organized around the six distinct Lean Startup principles used to move from concept to a new business inside a large organization. The book builds on the principles of Lean Startup and adds practices required to manage the realities of the corporate context. It describes not only the challenges of adopting Lean Startup, but also how to overcome them. It is based on elements of practice developed by leading academics and practitioners in the corporate world, and it brings together the pieces in a practical and integrated way. The book includes case studies of the approach from several different industries.

Lean Startup in Large Organizations is available via: https://www.routledge.com/9781138359130

For press enquiries, please contact:
Kristie Rees [email protected]

About the Author:

Jim Euchner is an expert in driving growth inside large enterprises, with a track record of delivering top line and bottom line growth through radical process innovation, new product introduction, and the launch of new businesses. His experience includes senior leadership positions in the automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications and oil and gas industries. He was a pioneer in the use of design methods inside companies and has developed practices for the use of Lean Startup techniques that are effective in the corporate context. Throughout his career, Jim has focused on the practical application of emerging technologies, including AI, machine learning, cloud-based predictive analytics, operations research and the Internet of Things.