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Article release

Article release

Spanish influenza might have lingered for two years before the great outbreak of 1918 and could have been treated with a vaccine

May 21, 2019 -

Peer-reviewed                                                 Review article   The most severe pandemic in recent history, killing some 50 million people worldwide, the Spanish influenza, may have emerged up to two years earlier than previously believed.  And, according to a new and influential […]

Article release

Potential solutions for limiting exposure to Candida auris in healthcare facilities

May 16, 2019 -

Figure: Candida auris yeasts stained with Lactophenol Cotton Blue. Mount made by Chaturvedi laboratory, image taken by Dr. Fernando Torres-Velez, Wadsworth Center.   Peer-reviewed                                   Experimental Study                                                 Animals    Researchers show that procedures used to contain Candida auris […]