People are finding the world of work, and the world in general, exhausting. At a time when much is being written about burnout and downshifting this very serious, hugely important, and deeply researched book says what practitioners and individuals can do about this – right when we need it.

Suboptimal energy negatively impacts performance, behavior and motivation. Yet most people do not take the time to think whether they are optimally energized to achieve their aims and meet the demands made on them in a healthy way.

But what is Optimal Energy®?

Challenging previous thinking, Viv Chitty presents a completely new way of considering energy and how to address it for use primarily by executive coaches and anyone who works with people, as well as individuals themselves.

In this exciting new book, you will find answers to these questions:

  • What is energy? How does this show up in people?
  • What is Optimal Energy®?
  • Why is Optimal Energy® important for performance at work?
  • What influences energy?
  • How can people consciously manage their energy? And how can practitioners work with them to help them do this?

This is an essential new resource for practitioners who want to effectively address energy and enable clients to take action to optimize their energy in their daily lives.

Coaching for Optimal Energy
A Guide for Executive Coaches
By Viv Chitty

July 2022 | 166 Pages
15 B/W Illustrations

Paperback: 9780367515768 | $39.95 | £29.99
Hardback: 9780367515713 | $160.00 | £120.00
eBook: 9781003054481 | $39.95 | £29.99

About The Author

Viv has specialised for over 20 years in coaching senior executives who have multiple challenges to face. In doing this work she identified the glaring need to address a client’s energy and as a result pioneered the work on Optimal Energy® which has culminated in the writing of ‘Coaching for Optimal Energy’.

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