Author, activist, and social justice educator Dr. Peggy McIntosh is awarded the GSAS 2021 Centennial Medal for her fundamental social justice work and lasting contributions to knowledge and to society.
It is the highest honor that GSAS bestows.

From one of the world’s leading voices on white privilege and anti-racism work comes this collection of social justice essays: On Privilege, Fraudulence, and Teaching as Learning
Part I includes McIntosh’s classic and influential essays on privilege and systemic oppression. Part II will help readers to understand that feelings of fraudulence may be imposed by our society rather than by any actual personal shortcomings. Part III presents McIntosh‘s Interactive Phase Theory, highlighting five different world views, or attitudes about power, that affect school curriculum, cultural values, and decisions on taking action. The book concludes with powerful insights from SEED, a peer-led teacher development project that enables individuals and institutions to work collectively toward equity and social justice.

This book is the culmination of forty years of McIntosh’s intellectual and organizational work that has led to her recognition.

“This compilation is a call to co-create a more humane and connected world.”
–Debby Irving, Racial Justice Educator & Writer

“These writings reveal the heart and mind of a great student of life, a great teacher, and revolutionary social thinker. Her contribution to emerging social justice discourse is incalculable.”
–Victor Lee Lewis, Radical Resilience Institute

Peggy McIntosh is Senior Research Associate of the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She is the Founder of the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). She consults widely in the United States and throughout the world with college and school faculty who are continuously creating more gender-fair and multicultural curricula.

On Privilege, Fraudulence, and Teaching As Learning is available via