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Affordable access to research in North Africa and the Middle East, following new Taylor & Francis and Zendy partnership


Readers in 39 countries across North Africa and the Middle East will have a new affordable option for accessing the latest research, following a new partnership between leading academic publisher Taylor & Francis Group and the information services experts at Knowledge E.

Almost 2,500 Taylor & Francis journals, representing every research area from Anthropology to Zoology, are now available through Knowledge E’s Zendy platform. Developed for regions where research publications can be less affordable, especially for individuals not affiliated with an academic institution, Zendy gives subscribers access to a world of knowledge from the brightest minds.

Zendy is an online platform that enables individual subscribers to navigate based on subject, material type, date, and more. Users can discover content from their favorite publishers, now including Taylor & Francis, save search results, and enjoy unlimited article downloads.

Kamran R. Kardan, Founder and CEO of Knowledge E which developed Zendy, says this collaboration with Taylor & Francis is an “important step” towards Zendy’s goal of further increasing the visibility and dissemination of research.

He added: “We’re very excited to be extending our relationship with Taylor & Francis. The addition of their collection to our expanding portfolio is fantastic and it is sure to bring incredible value to Zendy’s community.”

Enabling access to research in the Global South is a key driver for Taylor & Francis’ partnership with Zendy, and this initiative sits alongside others which support affordable and free access to academic research. Zendy, which puts access choice in the hands of individual readers, complements these activities and offers a new opportunity to connect practitioners and the public with cutting-edge knowledge.

Christoph Chesher, Chief Commercial Officer, Taylor & Francis Group, states: “At Taylor & Francis we’re committed to reaching the widest readership possible with the research we publish. Ensuring there are affordable choices for readers in every part of the world is vital for achieving this goal, which is why we’re so excited by the potential of this partnership with Zendy.”