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Are hidden taxes affecting women?

Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu’s new book, The Pink Tax and the Law, aims to address the hidden tax on women’s sanitary protection products.



New York, NY – The emergence of the terms ‘pink tax’ and ‘tampon tax’ in everyday language suggests that women, who already suffer from an economic disadvantage due to the gender wage gap, are put in an even more detrimental position by means of ‘discriminatory consumption taxes’. In her new book, Pink Tax and the Law, author Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu provides scientific analyses of the economic, sociological and psychological components of this tax and explores whether women are indeed subject to discriminatory consumption taxes.

The book begins by identifying the proper terminology used in the analysis of the two ‘taxes’, explaining the rationale behind the terms ‘pink tax’ and ‘tampon tax’: one used to refer to the amount collected from women during the purchase of products and services, and the other used to designate the consumption tax levied on women’s sanitary protection products. Using these definitions, the book identifies the existing ‘taxes’, not as a wholly official tax in the legal sense, but rather as a hidden selective consumption tax specifically targeted towards women. The book proceeds to illustrate that government use  of these taxes  is direct and unlawful sex-discrimination, violating the principle of non-discrimination protected by constitutional norms.

Fight for gender equality has clearly become much more persistent and widespread in the last decade,” states Dr. Yazıcıoğlu. “One can only assume that the subject is going to gain more importance in the near future. Adequate government intervention and legislative measures are still lacking to a great extent but there also are promising developments in the field, like Iceland’s latest legislation on gender wage gap.”

A must-read for scholars, students, researchers and practitioners involved in research on employment law, discrimination, socio-legal studies and gender studies, Pink Tax and the Law, by Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu, is now currently available.

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About the Author:
Dr. Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu is an assistant professor at Kadir Has University (Turkey) and an attorney at law. She is specialized in tax law and sports law. She worked formerly as a senior attorney at PwC Turkey, as a legal advisor at Oberson Avocats (Switzerland) and as a teaching and research assistant in tax law at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). She has publications on various aspects of tax law and sports law, including a co-authored practical cases book (Droit fiscal suisse et international: Recueil de cas pratiques) published by Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag.