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Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Partners with Taylor & Francis To Connect Policymakers and Practitioners with the Latest Research

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New CDRI-Sponsored Open Access Special Issue of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Launched at COP27

Leading knowledge services provider Taylor & Francis has announced it is partnering with the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) to deliver a program of services designed to reach expert communities. This will enable CDRI to innovate and demonstrate evidence-based approaches for designing and implementing disaster resilient infrastructure systems.

CDRI is committed to exploring mechanisms allowing stakeholders to engage meaningfully and collaboratively to promote innovation and greater resilience, towards long-term sustainable development. Taylor & Francis, with its access to expert communities, including researchers, practitioners and policymakers, is well placed to support CDRI in establishing an active and engaged community of practice.

Amit Prothi, Director General of CDRI, said, “Building climate and disaster resilience in infrastructure systems is essential for long-term sustainable development and safety of investments. We aim to map and collate cutting edge knowledge and research on disaster resilient infrastructure (DRI) with added emphasis on practice-oriented research”.

Mona Chhabra Anand, Director of Research and Knowledge Management at CDRI, shared, “Owing to the highly complex nature of large-scale infrastructure systems, finding workable solutions that are both sustainable and resilient is a considerable challenge. CDRI has a mandate to drive this conversation forward with stakeholders at all levels, and we are therefore pleased to be working with Taylor & Francis to not only facilitate and promote access to key research, but also to reach and engage new audiences who may be working peripherally, in what is a very interdisciplinary area.”

The latest output of this partnership is a fully open access special issue of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, edited by David Trejo (Oregon State University, USA), on the theme of ‘Adaptive Pathways for Resilient Infrastructure’. This issue aims to identify actions that can be implemented progressively, and provide policymakers and practitioners with case studies, evidence and reviews on integrating flexibility into infrastructure planning for long-term resilience.

David Trejo and Paolo Gardoni, Editor-in-Chief and Founding Editor of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, said “The ultimate objective is to implement the practices presented [in the special issue] to enhance the robustness of methods and processes used to make sustainable and resilient infrastructure.”

Articles already accepted for the special issue report on resilient infrastructure research for energy, water and bridges. They explore resilience in the context of seismic hazard, volcano eruption, and climate change as well as across different geographies, including rural communities in Asia and the Pacific, urban India and Europe. The special issue was launched at the French Pavilion at COP27.

Laura Horton, Knowledge Services Director at Taylor & Francis, said, “We’re delighted to support CDRI’s ambition to engage expert communities in ways that will promote innovation and lead to long-term sustainability and impactful real-world solutions. Through our partnership, many researchers have become aware of the valuable work that CDRI is doing, including opportunities for further collaboration. Open access articles published in the CDRI sponsored special issue are already gaining impressive levels of engagement and we look forward to seeing this work positively impact policy and practice decisions.”

CDRI, Taylor & Francis and Informa Markets partnered to deliver CDRI’s first annual technical conference in October 2022, which brought together 70 international delegates in New Delhi, with 150 joining online. The proceedings of this successful event, published by Taylor & Francis, will be available soon.

Photo of CDRI Technical Conference participants