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AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Ltd launches first open research publishing platform dedicated to cobots

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As of today, the world’s first open research publishing platform dedicated to the science and technology of collaborative robots is open for submissions.

This new publishing platform, known as Cobot, is a partnership between AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Ltd and F1000, the open research publishing arm of Taylor & Francis Group. It enables all research outputs to be published open access and will have the benefits of open science practices, such as open and named peer review, that assure quality and transparency.

The publishing platform provides a research communication outlet of innovative technologies for technicians, researchers, scholars and experts, who are working in the field of collaborative robots. Collaborative robots, or “cobots” are robots intended to work side-by-side and in collaboration with human beings. These machines focus on repetitive tasks to help workers focus more on tasks that require problem-solving skills.

“It’s absolutely a great pleasure to announce the launch of the first academic and technological publishing platform “Cobot”. It’s the honour of AUBO to partner with F1000, the open research publishing arm of Taylor & Francis Group. After nearly 20 years of development, collaborative robots have become an important and active member of the robot family. They combine the efficiency and precision of traditional industrial robots with the compliancy and flexibility of service robots. Their uses are numerous, from intelligent manufacturing to social services, medical care, education, and training, and are now one of the most widely used robot categories. The launch of Cobot is a major milestone in the development of collaborative robotics. It will facilitate the research and applications of the related technologies, and thus will contribute to the prosperity of the robotic world.”  -Hongxing Wei, Professor at Beihang University and President of AUBO (Beijing) Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

The scope of Cobot includes, but is not limited to, scientific and technical research topics in intelligent robots, artificial intelligence, human-machine collaboration, human-machine integration, machine vision, intelligent sensing, smart materials, and more. This also includes the design, development and testing of collaborative robots and relevant software, as well as case studies focused on their wide-ranging use and applications.

Along with research articles and case studies, Cobot features a variety of article types including method articles, study protocols, software tools, systematic reviews, data notes, brief reports, and opinion articles.

The platform is now open for submissions: http://collaborative-robot.org/