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“Probably the best philosophical introduction into the central ideas and concepts of Freud's theories and practice.” – The Guardian on Freud by Jonathan Lear

One of the distinguishing features of the series is its roster of highly respected authors which include Jonathan Lear, Christopher Shields, Fred Beiser, Paul Guyer, Samuel Freeman and Don Garrett. Each volume in the series examines the contributions each figure has made to a much wider range of philosophical topics, such as metaphysics, epistemology, the nature of mind, religion, politics, and art and aesthetics.

One of the notable features of the series is that it encompasses figures who, whilst not themselves philosophers, have nevertheless had significant influence on the development of philosophical ideas and theories of human nature, often radical and controversial. Looking ahead, there are many exciting volumes to come, including Elizabeth Anscombe and Hannah Arendt, increasing the coverage of women philosophers: Adam Smith, Karl Marx and Soren Kierkegaard, and W.E.B. du Bois, pioneer of African-American philosophy.

“The best introductory treatment of Hume's philosophy on the market. More than this, Garrett shows how Hume's project is unified by the common structure of the senses… which shape our conceptions of the world, and enable our critical engagement with it.” – Donald C. Ainslie, University of Toronto, Canada on Hume by Don Garrett

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