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“Exciting” diamond technology breakthroughs to be published in new Open Access journal

A new Open Access journal is to be the home for the latest in high-quality, peer-reviewed research on diamond technology breakthroughs, following a new agreement between Taylor & Francis and scientific and technological enterprise Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding Co. Ltd.

Covering all aspects of diamond research, from the outset of their discovery to their usage across a multitude of disciplines such as healthcare and aerospace, Functional Diamond will publish high-impact papers on the latest technology innovations in diamond-based materials, structures and composites.

Launching today, Wednesday 13th January, the journal will be a solely Open Access resource – meaning true accessibility for all readers worldwide, greater collaboration and reproducibility in the scientific field.

Dr Haitao Ye from the University of Leicester, School of Engineering and Dr Meiyong Liao of the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan will lead Functional Diamond as Co-editors.

“We’re truly excited and proud about the upcoming launch of Functional Diamond,” Dr Ye says. “This journal will have a large, international audience and be fully accessible to all. Along with our international and diverse team of Editorial Board members, we look forward to receiving your submissions, and supporting further advances to the field of diamond science and technology.”

The functional application of diamond-based material in both academic and industrial fields is an important topic, to which institutions and companies from all over the world are highly devoted.

Functional Diamond will provide a platform to integrate all the avenues of research, development, and techniques involved in this field. Among its features will be fundamental insights and new diamond-based findings toward advanced functionality in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, and engineering. This affects a vast range of areas such as in high voltage and high power electric transmission and converter, in biological and medical applications, in heat sinks for laser diodes and microwave power device, integrated circuit substrates, and in communication when designing faster and more compact devices.

Dr Liao adds: “We aim to publish the best research from all areas of diamond-based materials science and technologies. Technological breakthroughs and important findings in diamond-based materials are the focus of Functional Diamond. We have rigorous pre-screening and peer-review processes for the submissions, and all editorial decisions will be made by the experts of the topic areas.”

Taylor & Francis’ Head of Engineering journals, Alexa Flood, states there is great excitement for this new partnership with the prominent Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding Co., Ltd., and Functional Diamond’s co-editors, to advance this area of research and supports its growing community.

She adds: “We are extremely proud that the establishment of this new partnership has helped to launch an entirely new journal that will provide a highly desirable home for the rapidly developing sector of functional diamond research.”

For further information and to stay updated on the exciting developments of this new launch, please visit the journal website, at www.tandfonline.com/tfdi.