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Showcasing Science

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The power of science to shape policy, develop practice and drive global change, even in the face of an unprecedented pandemic, is celebrated with ‘Showcasing Science’, from Taylor & Francis.

Amid all the significant challenges brought by the covid pandemic, and with the eyes of the world focused on science like never before, scientific research continued to drive forward progress in key areas.

Peer-reviewed research has remained a vital feed to enforce transformational and beneficial developments that will enable real impact that will see changes to lives, societies, and health worldwide for many years to come.

By “Showcasing Science”, Taylor & Francis shine a light on recent new discoveries and developments, including:

Showcasing Science includes a wealth of ground-breaking science stories like these to explore on our website and social media platforms, featuring infographics, videos, and reading lists to navigate and explore the science making a difference in the world right now.

The research featured in Showcasing Science represents just some of the Taylor & Francis articles which throughout 2020:

  • Received over 14,000 mentions in global media outlets
  • Received over 110,000 citations, helping to advance scientific knowledge in relevant fields
  • Influenced policy in 249 reports and documents, enabling decision makers internationally to be steered by data-led knowledge
  • Published Open Accessin 1,732 journals
  • Published Open Access in 21,122 articles
  • Was viewed 39.7 million times on Taylor & Francis Online

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