Foster a high-performance and emotionally resilient workforce

In an era of longer hours and shorter contracts, of tighter margins and frequent organizational change, stress can undermine both the mental health and performance of employees. A culture of resilience in the workplace, however, offers the potential to support psychological wellbeing and improve the performance of both people and organizations.

Managing for Resilience provides managers with a practical guide to fostering psychological resilience within their teams. It synthesises not only the latest cutting-edge research in the area, but also translates this into practical advice for a range of organizational settings.

“Managers often wonder whether there is anything they can do to support the resilience of their employees,” explains the author, Dr Monique Crane a lecturer in Organizational Psychology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. “There really is a lot and this book is intended to provide managers with some great tools to achieve this.”

Relevant to professional and casual readers alike, Dr Monique Crane tackles different aspects of how to build employee resilience including: key personality factors; key personality factors related to resilience; how job design and routines can improve employee resilience and how to build a resilient team.

Debunking several popular myths along the way, Managing for Resilience is essential reading for anyone interested in fostering a high-performance and emotionally resilient workforce, whether they are a manager, HR professional or occupational psychologist.



About the Author:
Dr. Monique Crane is a lecturer in Organizational Psychology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. She is also a director in a private consulting firm, which provides evidence-based resilience training to private and public organisations.


When referencing the book, please include: Managing for Resilience by Dr. Monique Crame, published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group).

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