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Generation Z: A Century in the Making

Jeffrey Brauer, Professor of Social Sciences, Keystone College

“Seemiller and Grace have masterfully made meaning of complex research on Generation Z using numerous studies and fascinating examples. They characterize this diverse, throwback generation as open-minded, caring, and grounded in a sense of integrity and tenacity. This exceptional book presents a well-grounded profile of this generation and applies that knowledge to such contexts as education and work environment. This is a comprehensive, illuminating, ‘must read’ for employers, educators, clergy, politicians, market researchers, and anyone who will engage this generation.”

Dr. Susan R. Komives, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland

“If you are part of Gen Z, if you work with someone in Gen Z, or if have a family member who is in Gen Z, you should get this book (that should be just about everyone). Why? You’ll be learning from the experts on the study of Gen Z – Dr. Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace. This book is packed with interesting data, engaging research studies, and fascinating observations. You can read it cover to cover or because of its well-organized structure, you can treat it like a reference book on Gen Z. You will learn to understand Gen Z (and other generations) better, communicate better, and most important, connect better. My bottom line: If you’re a Boomer, Gen X’er, or Millennial, and you find yourself either curious about Gen Z, or you find that you are quick to criticize people in Gen Z, struggling to understand them, then go READ THIS BOOK!” –

Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, author of Character Strengths Interventions and Mindfulness and Character Strengths; Education Director of the renown, global VIA Institute on Character

No other generation in history has received as much coverage as the Millennial generation. Books, Google searches, blogs, and news articles are everywhere about them. Yet, Generation Z is comprised of our youth and young adults today and has received very little attention comparatively. Those in Generation Z are among our youngest consumers, students, colleagues, constituents, voters, and neighbors. Being able to better understand who they are and how they see the world can be helpful in effectively working with, teaching, supervising, and leading them.

Generation Z: A Century in the Making offers insight into nearly every aspect of the lives of those in Generation Z, including a focus on their career aspirations, religious beliefs and practices, entertainment and hobbies, social concerns, relationships with friends and family, health and wellness, money management, civic engagement, communication styles, political ideologies, technology use, and educational preferences.

Drawing from an unprecedented number of studies with higher education research institutions, market research firms Pew and Census, other generational researchers and industry leaders, this is the authoritative defining work on Generation Z that market researchers, consumer behavior specialists, and employers sorely need – and it is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the sociology of generations.

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ISBN: 9781138337312; 322 pages; £21.99, $29.95 (hardback)
9th November 2018

About the Authors:

Corey Seemiller is a faculty member in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University. She is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook in 2013, Generation Z Goes to College in 2016, and Generation Z Leads in 2017.

Meghan Grace is a researcher, consultant, and speaker. She is the co-author of Generation Z Goes to College and Generation Z Leads.