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Get ready for college basketball with ‘Improving Your NCAA® Bracket with Statistics’

Twenty-four million people wager nearly $3 billion on college basketball pools each year, but few are aware that winning strategies have been developed by researchers at Harvard, Yale, and other universities over the past two decades. Bad advice from media sources and even our own psychological inclinations are often a bigger obstacle to winning than our pool opponents. Profit opportunities are missed, and most brackets submitted to pools don’t have a break-even chance to win money before the tournament begins.

Improving Your NCAA® Bracket with Statistics is both an easy-to-use tip sheet to improve your winning odds and an intellectual history of how statistical reasoning has been applied to the bracket pool using standard and innovative methods. It covers bracket improvement methods ranging from those that require only the information in the seeded bracket to sophisticated estimation techniques available via online simulations.

Author, Tom Adams has been supplying science-based bracket pool advice for almost 20 years. He states, “Millions play the bracket pool and knowledge of the best strategies is not widespread. The book provides knowledge of the best strategies. Most readers will become better at competing in their office or online bracket pool. In addition, many readers will learn more about statistical methods in general.” Tom Adams’ work presenting bracket improvement methods have been featured in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, SmartMoney and Significance Magazine.

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ISBN: 9781138597785 (Hardback) | 183 Pages | £55.99 $74.95

9781138597747 (Paperback) | 183 Pages | £21.99 $29.95

January 2018

About Tom Adams
Tom Adams is the creator of Poologic, a website that has provided research-based advice on winning bracket pools since 2000. Poologic has been featured in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, SmartMoney, and other publications. He is a systems analyst who has spent most of his career in scientific research support. He has publications in the area of statistics and probability. He has a BSc in mathematics from the University of North Carolina.

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