Harnessing the power of peer review: Taylor & Francis announce new trial with Publons

Taylor and Francis today announce a new trial with Publons, enabling peer review contributions to be instantly tracked, verified and showcased to allow peer review to get the recognition it deserves.

Publons is now being rolled out across 30 journals within Taylor & Francis Biological, Earth and Environmental Science and Behavioural Science. The journals included in this trial will benefit from the increased visibility of peer review contributions, enabling reviewers, editors and institutions to keep track of reviewer activity.

Reviewers can use Publons to build a profile that shows their editorial and peer review activity, using this as evidence of their service to show potential employers and advance their career. Editors can also use it to keep a record of the papers they have handled, build relationships with existing or new reviewers, and benefit from more motivated reviewers for their journals. Users can view the Altmetric scores of articles, seeing the onward journey of research they have worked on and how it has been received by the academic community.

Publons’ mission is to speed up research by harnessing the power of great peer review. By working with publishers, institutions and researchers, Publons is turning peer review into a measurable output that can be used to demonstrate a researcher’s standing, impact and influence in their field. By making peer review a rewarding activity, Publons and Taylor & Francis aim to improve the quality and efficiency of both peer review and research.

Andrew Preston, CEO and co-founder of Publons, said,

“We are proud to formally welcome Taylor & Francis to the Publons platform. The partnership further demonstrates Taylor & Francis’ ongoing commitment to recognizing the valuable contributions of reviewers and editors. We look forward to working with the participating journals and their reviewers to both recognize and improve peer review.”

Leon Heward-Mills, Global Journals Publishing Director at Taylor & Francis, said,

“The partnership between Taylor & Francis and Publons offers an innovative way of providing greater recognition for the crucial role reviewers play. It will be an extremely useful tool across our network of reviewers and editors in Biological, Earth, Environmental Science and Behavioural Science journals.”