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How media coverage of education research can improve outcomes globally

The Education Media Centre

Routledge, Taylor & Francis and Education Media Centre partnership maximises research impact


Gaining significant media reach for education research is a fundamental step in improving outcomes for students globally. This topic was discussed at a recent event hosted at the House of Lords in Westminster, London, to celebrate education research and the impact which can be achieved through strategic partnering and expert communication.

The event was hosted by the Education Media Centre, sponsored by Routledge, Taylor & Francis, and attended by key academics from universities including York, Birmingham and University College London. The event was introduced by the Education Media Centre’s founding patron, Baroness Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education. David James, Professor of Sociology of Education at Cardiff University and Chair of the Education sub-panel for the REF 2021, delivered an opening address and this was followed by contributions from Fran Abrams, Chief Executive of the Education Media Centre. There were two speakers from  Routledge, Taylor & Francis: Ian White, Portfolio Development Specialist, and Jodie Bell, Press & Media Relations Manager.

Routledge, Taylor & Francis, and the Education Media Centre partner to bring to light more education research in the news, surfacing breaking research articles which have implications for education policy, practice, and community impact. They strategically communicate these findings to the media, achieving responsible and accurate coverage which demonstrates impact whilst minimising sensationalism or misreporting.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to highlight how the results of our partnership are realised through quality media coverage, and ultimately, by securing influence for research findings at the point they can drive real change for education outcomes – by being incorporated into policy and practice,” remarked Tracy Roberts, Journals Global Publishing Director, Routledge, Taylor & Francis. “Through the partnership we have with the Education Media Centre we hope to continue to drive for change and improve educational outcomes worldwide.”

Fran Abrams, Chief Executive of the Education Media Centre, said: “We were delighted to be able to gather such a distinguished group of people at this event, and hope that it both informed and inspired those present. Our partnership with Routledge, Taylor and Francis is central to our efforts to raise the profile of excellent education research, and we’re very much looking forward to the next phase of that.”