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How to Succeed at School: Separating Fact from Fiction

How to Succeed at SchoolHow can parents best support their children’s education? Are parents and teachers speaking different languages? How can ordinary mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers understand the labyrinth of conflicting information and advice around education? And what are the best ways they can help their child be confident and successful at school?

Using the most important research, studies and data which, until now, have largely been hidden away in academic journals, distinguished education journalists Wendy Berliner and Judith Judd are putting this vital information into the hands of parents and teachers for the first time, helping to answer the everyday questions they are often asked. This highly accessible and user-friendly book shines much-needed light on the facts, myths and burning questions that too often leave us confused and in the dark about key issues. These include:

  • How parents can ‘make or break‘ their child’s education by what they do at home
  • How to know when your child is ready for school
  • Why the first year in the classroom makes all the difference
  • How to provide the right conditions for motivation
  • Why curiosity is the superhero of education and how to keep it alive
  • Myths and realities around neuroscience, genetics and learning styles
  • The role of parents and how all parents can help their children learn
  • What teachers need to know about important research and studies and how this impacts in the classroom

Helping to navigate these issues with confidence and the best information available, this book will provide clarity on how we  can nurture children‘s potential to succeed.

Written by two of the UK’s most distinguished education journalists with decades of combined experience reporting on education for the national media, Wendy and Judith hope their book will give power back to parents in a new way and by guiding them through the baffling and jargon-heavy landscape of education and fully equipping them with clear answers to the questions that matter most.

About the Authors
Judith Judd
is a former editor of the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and is a former education correspondent of the Observer, the Independent and the Independent on Sunday. Until recently she was Pro-chancellor of the University of Essex, and chair of its Council. She has a lifelong interest in how children learn and research that shows what does and doesn’t work.

Wendy Berliner is a former award-winning senior Guardian journalist specialising in education. She has also edited the Times Educational Supplement, worked on the Independent and recently held the position of joint CEO of the Education Media Centre. She has also worked in Dubai where she was Director of Parental Engagement for one of the world’s largest international school groups. She is co-author of Great Minds and How to Grow to Grow Them – a best-selling book for parents on high performance learning published by Routledge in summer 2017.

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