IISS journal: US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on US–Russia relations

‘The United States does not seek a new cold war with Russia, let alone a hot war.’

That is the message from US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in the latest issue of Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). In the face of Russian actions that ‘undermine global security and erode an international order that has been of mutual benefit’, however, Carter lays out what he calls a ‘strong and balanced’ approach to the US–Russia relationship.

The article in Survival includes the Secretary of Defense’s personal reflections from a career spent working on defence issues involving the Soviet Union and Russia, during and after the Cold War. It outlines US policy on deterring Russia, while leaving open the possibility of engagement, and sets a course for US leadership within NATO. The article is free-to-view until 21 December 2016.


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