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Introducing Policy Briefs to the F1000Research article type collection

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Publish your Policy Brief

Introducing a brand-new article type to F1000Research, Policy Briefs. Essential for bridging the gap between research and policy, giving these succinct policy recommendations the prominence, they deserve to raise awareness and drive change. 

Maximize exposure and increase the impact of your policy recommendation

A Policy Brief is valuable to communicate policy recommendations. Written in non-technical and jargon-free language these short and concise articles aim to highlight policy-related issues with proposed evidence-based solutions.  Policy Briefs are an effective way of communicating and raising awareness of issues to local authorities, policy makers and governments to drive change, whether this be for education, social issues, health, or the environment to name a few.

By offering these stand-alone articles on our open research platform and providing transparent post-publication expert peer reviewing, we hope to support researchers’ efforts, increasing the visibility and dissemination of the recommendations to maximize their impact.

Hot off the press

F1000Research has published its first Policy Brief! Featured in the Research on Research, Policy & Culture Gateway, the article shares a new protocol for science diplomacy to support the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Read Global resilience through knowledge-based cooperation: a new Protocol for Science Diplomacy [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review] now to see a live example of this new article type in practice.


Authors interested in publishing can access get in touch if you have any questions and start submitting your Policy Briefs.