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WeChat users get instant updates on their Taylor & Francis journal submissions through the Charlesworth Gateway

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WeChat users who submit their research to over 1,000 Taylor & Francis journals will now receive regular status updates on their manuscripts. Using the Charlesworth Gateway, a proprietary technology platform of the Charlesworth Group, this new feature ensures researchers always know which stage of the submission and review process their articles have reached.

WeChat has over 1.25 billion monthly active users, making it the most widely used social platform in China. By integrating manuscript submission workflows into WeChat, Taylor & Francis journals are now providing an even more convenient service to Chinese authors.

This development is part of a significant program of investment by Taylor & Francis into digital publishing systems and processes, ensuring they fully meet the needs of all researchers.

“In today’s global market, authors understandably expect a seamless end-to-end submission experience, and we are working to constantly refine and develop this”, says Heather St Pierre, Director of Product Management, Taylor & Francis. “We’re delighted that by partnering with Charlesworth, we’re able to further enhance that experience by integrating the publishing process into the digital channels most aligned with how authors want to work”.

Michael Evans, Global CEO of The Charlesworth Group, comments, “Authors in China are used to engaging with brands which offer access to their services via WeChat. Through creating a great localized experience via WeChat for its authors, Taylor & Francis is positioning itself as a publishing brand which understands author needs in China, to further grow its already strong position in the market”.