Kamla-Raj Enterprises and Taylor & Francis Group announce new publishing partnership deal

From 2017 onwards, Taylor & Francis will co-publish fifteen of Kamla-Raj Enterprises’ highly regarded journals.

Kamla-Raj Enterprises will continue to publish the journals in print and distribute them within the SAARC region. The Taylor & Francis Group will co-publish the journals online, manage international subscriptions and market the journal globally.

The following journals will be co-published in this publishing partnership:

• International Journal of Educational Sciences
• International Journal of Human Genetics
• Journal of Agricultural Sciences
• Journal of Biodiversity
• Journal of Communication
• Journal of Economics
• Journal of Human Ecology
• Journal of Life Sciences
• Journal of Psychology
• Journal of Social Sciences
• Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology
• Studies on Ethno-Medicine
• Studies on Home and Community Science
• Studies of Tribes and Tribals
• The Anthropologist