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Listen to the latest research with improved accessibility on Taylor & Francis Online

Taylor & Francis Online has introduced a new feature offering an innovative text to audio option for all journal content, enriching their content for all online users, while making it more accessible to a wider range of readers.

The introduction of Readspeaker allows logged-in users on Taylor & Francis Online to select the journal article they are looking for and listen to it via audio, simply by highlighting or hovering over specific sections, or by pressing play to listen to the entire article from start to finish.

The tool even enables users to download an MP3 recording of the journal article to listen to on the go or choose from fifteen different languages to hear it in – without the need to download any extra programs.

The development was implemented to leverage the latest technology to provide multiple ways to access academic research, as well as to make content available to a larger audience, including those with literacy difficulties, partially sighted users, learning disabilities, or new language learners.

This new feature is accessible to all Taylor & Francis Online registrants, so any users who prefer to learn by listening to audio rather than reading, or those who are simply busy and want to learn while on-the-go will be able to.

This feature has been implemented as a result of Taylor & Francis’ ongoing commitment to provide the best content experience, improve website usability and support all users to find and use the research they need.

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ReadSpeaker, a subsidiary of the Memory Disk Division (MD) of the HOYA Corporation, is a global voice specialist providing natural-sounding, lifelike synthesized voices in dozens of languages and a complete text-to-speech (TTS) offering, both as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and as licensed solutions, for varying channels and devices in multiple industries. ReadSpeaker gives a voice to businesses and organizations for online, embedded, server, or desktop needs, apps, speech production, custom voices, and more. With more than 20 years’ experience, ReadSpeaker is leading the way in text to speech.