New comprehensive approach in inland fisheries management

Inland fisheries managers are increasingly using Transboundary Fisheries Science as an interdisciplinary and holistic approach for understanding and managing ecosystems across larger scales, according to a new article in this month’s issue of Fisheries magazine.

The article notes that while inland fisheries managers traditionally work at small spatial scales with objectives that have a limited timeframe, there is a great need for a broader approach since reducing large-scale problems often requires data from multiple sources. Transboundary Fisheries Science provides that broader approach, allowing inland fisheries managers to define the problem, form long-term goals, and maintain progress. 

The authors highlighted the important role Transboundary Fisheries Science will continue to play in inland fisheries management: “Because global demands on aquatic resources are likely to increase into the future, with the potential for disrupting the social–ecological linkages, we posit that Transboundary Fisheries Science will become increasingly necessary to address the growing challenges associated with managing inland fisheries at local and regional scales.”