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New eReader trial launched for Taylor & Francis journal articles

A screenshot of an article on Taylor & Francis Online, with a magnifying glass showing the use of the ereader on a mobile, tablet and laptop
A new trial on Taylor & Francis Online enables audiences to read journal articles in EPUB format using a new online eReader

The ability to read journal articles in EPUB format using the new eReader is being trialled on 22 selected Taylor & Francis journals.

The eReader introduces a new way of reading, discovering, sharing and interacting with journal articles on tandfonline.com. It provides immersive, uncomplicated reading in any browser and on any device, online or offline, and is particularly beneficial for mobile users due to the dynamic and responsive nature of the EPUB file format.

Unlike the fixed page layout of the PDF file format EPUB files will automatically adapt to different screen sizes depending on the device being used – whether mobile, tablet or laptop. This helps to better meet the needs of modern readers, with recent data from tandfonline.com showing mobile usage has increased by 42% in the last year alone.

The “access sharing” functionality within the eReader also gives users the ability to share articles more easily and freely with friends and colleagues, allowing for a much wider reach.

Director of Product Management at Taylor & Francis Heather St Pierre commented, “We are very excited to introduce this trial which offers a more enjoyable experience when reading our content compared to the traditional PDF. The eReader changes the way readers engage with research, by delivering a more accessible and interactive experience and improving the ability to work successfully from mobile devices. It’s crucially important to us at Taylor & Francis to react to our readers’ changing needs, and we believe the eReader will allow readers to engage with our platform in a way that better fits modern reading habits.”

Multiple new features will be available within the eReader, including access sharing, offline reading options and improved accessibility.

The new eReader will allow users to engage with the content in a way which was previously not possible. The ability to add annotations, navigate between article sections and figures and view recommended articles unlike with PDF files.

There are also options for offline access to articles as the EPUB file can be saved to an offline reading library within the eReader or downloaded as a standalone file and opened with any EPUB compatible device or app, such as Apple Books or Google Play Books.

Options to share content will also be improved through the eReader, with the ability to share access to the full article with friends and colleagues using built-in access sharing functionality.

Importantly, the eReader offers improved accessibility when compared to PDF due to the machine-readable format of EPUB being more compatible with text-to-speech software. Font size can also be easily increased at the touch of a button which is particularly useful for those with visual impairments.

During the eReader trial period Taylor & Francis will continue to conduct extensive user testing sessions to gather feedback and assess how the product is operating.

For more information and a full list of journals participating in the trial please see the following link: https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/ereader/



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