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New podcast series highlights human stories behind transformational research

Gain an insight into the fascinating world of research with the How Researchers Changed the World podcast, which launches today.

Every episode follows the story of one passionate researcher and their journey from the initial spark of an idea through to world-changing findings. Immerse yourself in their story, unpack their motivations for the subject area, understand the challenges of the research, and discover how it has gone on to impact the world and shape all of our worldviews – from influencing political decisions, to changing public opinion, to revolutionizing practices in healthcare.

Episode 1: Dr Orii McDermott – Music Therapy and Dementia

I think music, for me, is just a fundamental part of a human being, that direct link to emotion.” – Dr Orii McDermott, Senior Research Fellow at University of Nottingham

Every year nearly 10 million people develop dementia worldwide. That’s one diagnosis every three seconds. In 2012 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared dementia a global public health priority. Could music therapy play a role in enhancing the lives of people living with dementia? Dr Orii McDermott certainly thinks so.

The first episode of new podcast series, How Researchers Changed the World, delves deeper into the importance of music therapy for people with dementia.

“Promoting the power and long-term impact of academic research is something we are incredibly passionate about at Taylor & Francis. Supporting this podcast enables us to tell the story behind ground-breaking research and to show just how individual research projects can and do touch all of our lives. Through each episode we hope an ever larger audience will get real insight into just how exciting, dynamic and transformational academic research is.” – Elaine Devine, Digital Communications Director, Taylor & Francis Group

Presented by Dr Kaitlyn Regehr

Alongside the researcher, the podcast is presented by Dr Kaitlyn Regehr. Dr Kaitlyn Regehr is an academic scholar who specializes in digital and modern culture, gender studies, and new technology. She also regularly features on BBC World as a topic specialist.

First of 12 scheduled episodes include:

  • Episode 1 – Orii McDermott on music therapy for dementia patients
  • Episode 2 – Ron Wasserstein on the p-values controversy
  • Episode 3 – Seline Meijer on agroforestry and conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Episode 4 – Steve Omohundro on the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence

12-week learning programs – supercharge your research career

Alongside the podcast are two 12-week learning programs for early and mid-career researchers. They’re delivered online, with one chapter by email each week. Over 12 weeks these chapters build into an indispensable guide.

The early career program covers everything you need to know to get your research published and build your profile as a researcher. The mid-career program is the go-toguide for managing mid-career challenges, boosting the impact of your research, and enhancing your profile as a researcher.

Launch date: 7th May 2019
New episodes: Every 2 weeks
Available on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Further information for journalists:

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