New practical well-being program “The Knowledge Retreat” offers an oasis from the pressures of scholarly writing

Over 1,000 researchers, librarians, and other members of the academic community have joined Taylor & Francis’ new program focusing on well-being when writing. The Knowledge Retreat offers free access to practical advice from academic experts on self-care, focus, and inspiration when writing.

In what is believed to be a first of its kind, the two-week retreat shares ideas and techniques from academics curated especially for the academic community – all aimed at helping to care for mind and body when navigating the stresses and strains of scholarly writing.

According to this year’s survey of institutions by Wellcome Trust, over half of researchers have sought or wanted to seek professional help for depression or anxiety, signaling that research culture and the impact on well-being is increasingly under discussion and of key concern to those working in academia.

The Knowledge Retreat offers an informal program of guidance written by academics, for the academic community, helping to support them through the process of scholarly writing.

Experts providing advice for The Knowledge Retreat include OA Academics; a global community, focusing primarily on mental health and diversity and inclusion within academia.

Also contributing is wellbeing and happiness researcher Dr. Milla Titova from the University of Washington, and Dr. Narelle Lemon, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, whose advice includes:

“Be gentle on yourself and explore ways to support both your writing habits and routines for your wellbeing. Tune into your body to help your mind, which will help your writing.”

Topics covered in The Knowledge Retreat include steps to tackling brain fog, finding the right time to write, the benefits of mental fitness, and how fulfilling three basic needs can boost writing potential.

“The advice of academic experts is at the heart of The Knowledge Retreat,” says Caroline Sutton, Director of Open Research for Taylor & Francis.  “We’re grateful to them for their insights and advice. In our role as publisher, we are keen to explore all opportunities to support researchers in their journey to ensuring their work achieves maximum impact.”

The Knowledge Retreat promises to be ‘ready when you are’. More information and sign-up details are available at


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