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The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research launches open access publishing hub in India with F1000

Discover the new Gateway on F1000Research, enabling a home for the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER-Kolkata) conference outputs.

Today, the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER-Kolkata) launched its own open access publishing hub with F1000, Taylor & Francis Group’s open research publishing arm. This will be hosted on the F1000Research site, adopting its pioneering approach to open science publishing.

NIPER-Kolkata, founded in 2007 as a centre of excellence for higher education, research and development in Pharmaceutical Sciences, will be adopting F1000’s open science practices to increase the reproducibility and accessibility of their published research. This means the research is free for anyone to read and will use the innovative F1000Research publishing model that combines the benefits of rapid publication with mechanisms to assure quality and transparency, thereby accelerating research impact.

The NIPER-Kolkata gateway provides a home for their conference-linked outputs, enabling their scientific outcomes to be published open access. This gateway welcomes submissions from the fields of, drug discovery, process chemistry, pharmacological studies, natural products, pharmaceutical formulation, computational studies, and medical devices, published in all forms, from traditional research articles, to a protocols, registered report, data notes, case studies, and much more.

Dr.V.Ravichandiran, Director, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research said:

“The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (NIPER), Kolkata, is very pleased to partner with F1000 to make our open science aspirations a reality. We are excited to openly present our academic endeavours to the scientific community, to enable real-world impact with our research and look forward to seeing our researchers embrace this new way of publishing.”

Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director, F1000 said:

“We continue to deepen our commitment to open research through this partnership with NIPER-Kolkata, supporting academic collaboration and discovery at scale, globally. The leadership shown by NIPER-Kolkata in its desire to embrace open research publishing practices is a significant step forward for open science in India.”

The NIPER-Kolkata gateway is now open for submissions: https://f1000research.com/NIPER. Any article with a co-author at NIPER-Kolkata is eligible.