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ORCiD ID search function now on Taylor & Francis Online

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Researchers can now find what they are looking for even faster with the introduction of a new search capability on Taylor & Francis Online (tandfonline.com).

The ability to search and find articles from an author by entering their ORCiD ID, a 16-digit number unique to them, has now been enabled on Taylor & Francis Online.

By using this unique ORCiD ID the search results will return only relevant articles and exclude all irrelevant articles. Prior to this, users could only search for authors via their name, which could return inaccurate results due to lack of standardisation of names – for example, on some occasions the middle name could be included and on other occasions it would be only an initial.

This new update provides an improved site search functionality, increasing discoverability for Taylor & Francis articles and author’s works, and less ambiguity for readers when searching, improving the overall user experience of Taylor & Francis Online.

Director of Product Management Heather St. Pierre at Taylor & Francis “As an ongoing commitment to consistently improve the discoverability of research and embrace technology to enable this, we are excited to introduce the new functionality to search via ORCiD to Taylor & Francis Online. As more and more academics, universities and funders adopt ORCiD, this has become a valuable tool to enable easy identification and disambiguation of authored works, improving the search experience for customers and ultimately increasing the discoverability of content.”

An ORCiD ID is a persistent digital identifier unique to each researcher which can be integrated into all areas of researcher workflows, including manuscript and grant submissions and it enables for all activities to be correctly attributed to a specific individual, ensuring all activities are recognized.

There are 6.8million ORCiD ID accounts registered globally, of which 190,000 published articles on Taylor & Francis Online have one attached to them. As a not-for-profit independent organisation ORCiD are committed to encouraging transparency, whilst also maintaining the protection of scholars’ privacy.


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