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Remote access to Taylor & Francis Online made easier with SeamlessAccess

Accessing research through an institutional subscription using SAML authentication (Shibboleth and OpenAthens) is now more straightforward with the introduction of SeamlessAccess on Taylor & Francis Online.

SeamlessAccess automatically recognizes if you have previously logged into Taylor & Francis Online using Shibboleth or OpenAthens and presents your previously used institution as the first option, removing the need to manually search each and every time you want to access journal research articles.

The feature not only works on Taylor & Francis Online but follows you across all participating publisher platforms. So, if you have logged into your institution on another participating publishing platform and then switch to another also using SeamlessAccess, your institutional choice will be carried with you. This works even if you’re visiting a publisher platform for the first time.

“With so many researchers working ‘off campus’ this year, we’ve put a lot of focus on expanding authentication mechanisms on Taylor & Francis Online” comments Mike Takats, Director, User Experience, Taylor & Francis. “Integrating with SeamlessAccess ultimately makes it easier and more efficient for researchers to get full text access through their affiliated institutions.”

“We’re very excited to see the Taylor & Francis Online integration go live. More researchers will be able to get access to the content they need without confusion or frustration, leaving them more time to spend their energy on things that matter the most.” notes Heather Ruland Staines, Outreach Manager for SeamlessAccess. “To make this happen, SeamlessAccess stores information in your own browser about the institution(s) that you use to sign in. At no point is any personal information such as your name, email, or other personal information stored in your browser.”

On Taylor & Francis Online, an option to login to your institutional account will be clearly visible on journal articles included within your institutional subscription.