Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism features primary sources digitised for the first time

The first digital resource to launch as part of Routledge Historical Resources, History of Feminism is a curated collection of primary and secondary resources from the Taylor and Francis collection relating to the long Nineteenth Century of feminism (1776-1928).

Created with the help of academic editor Professor Ann Heilmann, History of Feminism provides the ideal starting point for students and researchers who are studying this period of history as well as providing key pieces of primary content to aid research.

This resource features thousands of chapters of primary source materials digitised for the first time alongside 1,000 chapters of secondary book content, one hundred journal articles from a range of Taylor and Francis journals and sixteen newly commissioned thematic essays by experts in the field.

Images from LSE Women’s Library help to bring the resource to life as well as creating a fully comprehensive resource of this much studied era of gender history.

Examples of articles from History of Feminism:

The Campaign for Women’s Suffrage in Britain
Feminism and Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century
Sexuality (1880–1928)
A Woman's Work is Never Done? Women and Leisure in the Nineteenth Century and Beyond

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