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Advanced Learning Acquires Stylus Publishing

Taylor & Francis (T&F) recently announced that its Advanced Learning division acquired Stylus Publishing, a U.S.-based independent publisher specializing in Education and Teaching in Higher Education.

T&F’s Advanced Learning Routledge imprint, the world’s leading publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in Humanities and Social Sciences, will take over Stylus Publishing’s nearly 600 backlist titles in print and e-book formats. Founded in the mid-1990s, Stylus has published approximately 30 new books per year.

“To have titles with the caliber of Stylus join our Routledge imprint is tremendously exciting as we anticipate widening, diversifying, and enriching Education offerings for our customers in the United States and globally,” said Jeremy North, Managing Director, Advanced Learning, Taylor & Francis.

North said Education is Advanced Learning’s largest publishing list and the acquisition will expand the company’s U.S. presence, while offering greater range and depth for customers. Stylus, formerly without the capacity to scale globally, will now have its titles promoted in international markets.

Advanced Learning’s Education Program has a following of renowned authors and experts worldwide for its breadth and reach, in all stages of their career, from pre-service to in-service teachers and leaders to graduate students, instructors, scholars, academics, and other education professionals. The program covers subjects such as early childhood education, educational leadership, social justice education, textbooks, scholarly works, and research handbooks, in addition to a list for practicing K-12 teachers and school leaders in the U.S. Advanced Learning is also further developing its open access books program with open access across chapters and books in all disciplines.

The Education Portfolio for Stylus comprises Education, Education K–12 and Higher Education, with subjects like Adult Education, Educational Equity, Curriculum, Gender & Higher Education, Improvement Science, Online & Distance Learning, Policy & Research, Administration & Management, Early Years Education, Special Education, International Comparative Education, Career Counseling, Teaching & Technology, and University & Community Relations, to name just a few.

Advanced Learning’s Routledge imprint has had a long and instrumental impact in enabling new subjects to form as academic disciplines, including Sociology, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies (originally Women’s Studies). At Taylor & Francis: more than 160,000 e-books are available; books and journals are downloaded at a rate of more than 12 per second; and T&F sells a book every five seconds.