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Taylor & Francis announces new publishing partnership with the International Council of Museums

Taylor & Francis are proud to be forming a new publishing partnership with the International Council of Museums (ICOM). From January 2019, Taylor & Francis will be publishing ICOM’s eminent peer-reviewed journal Museum International, a publication which supports the exchange of expertise within the museums and heritage discipline.

Museum International features leading research and commentary by museums scholars and practitioners on key topics of concern. The journal covers a diverse range of issues, including museum ethics, fundraising, heritage policy, outreach, activism, storage, curatorship, archiving, indexing, digitization, training and conservation. The journal aims to promote knowledge-sharing and spark debate and discussion through interdisciplinary research and best practices for the protection of heritage in the modern world. It is vital reading for cultural heritage professionals, researchers and advocates worldwide.

Jessica Vivian, Editorial Director at Taylor & Francis, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with ICOM to publish their official journal, Museum International. Our partnership with ICOM, the world’s museums network, will enable the journal to develop and build on its current success and to reach new audiences, in line with ICOM’s objectives, as an essential component of our world-leading museums studies, heritage and conservation programme.  We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with ICOM.”

Aedin MacDevitt, Head of Publications and Documentation at ICOM, added: “ICOM is excited to be partnering with Routledge/Taylor & Francis to publish our peer reviewed journal, Museum International. The combination of ICOM’s expertise and Routledge’s solid commitment to museum publishing has already brought about successful partnerships on other museum-related works. We are convinced that this collaboration will enhance the quality and visibility of Museum International into the future.”

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About the International Council of Museums (ICOM)

ICOM is the world’s largest museums organisation. It has a membership of over 40,000 museum professionals in over 141 countries. As forum of experts, ICOM makes recommendations on issues related to cultural heritage, promotes capacity building and advances knowledge in the museums sector. It is the voice of heritage professionals internationally and raises public cultural awareness through global networks and co-operation programmes.

Find out more about ICOM here: https://icom.museum/