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Taylor & Francis Group and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies announce new collaboration

Taylor & Francis Group and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies representatives meet to confirm new partnership.

Taylor & Francis Group and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies (CASSES) have formed a new collaboration to encourage greater Chinese representation within the international research community and increase the impact of social sciences research in China.

The partnership will include the launch of new training courses for CASSES researchers, a bi-annual seminar for international journal editors, and collaborative research projects, bringing greater opportunity for Chinese researchers to be better represented in the international research community and present different perspectives on a range of topics of importance to researchers worldwide.

New research and training sessions for CASSES researchers will focus on topics of highest significance to the Chinese research community, including research integrity and open access. It will provide an opportunity for researchers to discuss and progress forward on issues most impacting Chinese research and through Taylor & Francis, bring these to the forefront of the global research network.

A bi-annual seminar will be established to bring together journal editors from around the world to engage in discussion with Chinese researchers, offering opportunities to discuss issues of importance in the Chinese academic community with the global community.

The partnership will also introduce new research projects into topics at the forefront of social science, arts and humanities research in China.

Combining Taylor & Francis Group’s unique mix of publishing best practice, innovative approaches and connectivity to the global publishing landscape, together with CASSES in-depth knowledge of Chinese social sciences research, its quality research output and its position as a major pillar for Chinese researchers, both parties are eager for the partnership to make a great contribution to the international research community.

荆林波院长表示:中国社会科学评价研究院近几年在全球智库评价等科研项目上取得了巨大的成果. Taylor & Francis出版集团是在全球享有声誉的学术出版集团,我希望通过双方的合作能给我们带来积极的影响,提升国际影响力.

Dean Linbo Jing said: “In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies has already achieved great results in many scientific research projects, such as global think tank evaluation. Taylor and Francis Group is a renowned global academic publishing group. I hope that through the cooperation between us, we can bring more positive changes and enhance our international influence”.

Taylor & Francis Global Publishing Director, Leon Heward-Mills said, “I am delighted that Taylor & Francis is working with CASSES on this initiative to promote Chinese SSAH research. At a time when international collaboration and cooperation is of increasing importance, this is an excellent opportunity to collaborate on research projects into topics at the forefront of SSAH research within China and internationally.”

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About the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASSES) is the premier academic organization and comprehensive research center of the People’s Republic of China in the fields of philosophy and social sciences.

CASSES was established in May 1977, replacing the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Hu Qiaomu was the first president accredited to CASSES, and he was followed by Professor Ma Hong, Professor Hu Sheng, Professor Li Tieying, Professor Chen Kuiyuan and professor Wang Weiguang. Professor Xie Fuzhan is the current president.

CASSES is now made up of 31 research institutes and 45 research centers, which carry out research activities covering nearly 300 sub-disciplines. At present, CASSES has more than 4,200 staff members in total, of which more than 3,200 are professional researchers.

Conducting broad international academic exchange remains one of CASSES’s guidelines, and this has gained pace in recent years. The quantity of scholars participating in academic exchanges has gone from dozens of people divided into 10 batches in 1979, to over 4,100 people divided into 1398 batches in 1995. In the meanwhile, CASSES has established a constructive relationship with over 200 research organizations, academic communities, institutions of higher learning, foundations and related government departments, covering more than 80 countries and regions.