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4th March 2021

Taylor & Francis Group announces Books Data Sharing Policy

data sharing policy

As part of our commitment to supporting open research, we are pleased to introduce our Books Data Sharing Policy which, from April 2021, encourages authors of all new Routledge and CRC Press books and chapters to share and make data available according to FAIR principles. This includes ensuring it does not violate protection of human subjects or other valid subject privacy concerns. Authors are further encouraged to cite data and include a data availability statement in their publication.

This is in line with our tiered journal data policies and will enable us to strengthen the commitment to open research over time. Taylor & Francis Group is the first publisher to set a Data Policy across all new books content. As funders increasingly make data sharing a requirement, this is an important step to support authors in making their work more discoverable and impactful, and to ensure they get all appropriate credit for their work. Taylor & Francis Group has also been rolling out data sharing policies across journals since 2018.

Tim Britton, Chief Strategy Officer at Taylor & Francis, commented:

“Data sharing improves the robustness of the research process, supporting the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of research data. We are keen to support researchers to share their data, and want to help make data sharing become the norm. We are excited about this new development, which enables all book authors to make their research data more discoverable and speed up the pace of research discovery. This further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enabling a sustainable open research environment for the global research community.”