Taylor & Francis Group announces new publishing partnership with American Society of Brewing Chemists from 2018

Taylor & Francis Group and the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) are pleased to announce their new publishing partnership from 2018.

Taylor & Francis Group will publish the official society journal, Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, on behalf of ASBC from January. With four issues per year, the journal publishes scientific papers, review articles, and technical reports dealing with the chemistry and microbiology of brewing ingredients and relevant technology, as well as the analytical techniques used in the malting and brewing industry.

The American Society of Brewing Chemists was founded in 1934 to improve and bring uniformity to the brewing industry on a technical level. Today, ASBC is comprised of individual and corporate members worldwide representing breweries of all sizes, the allied industries that supply the brewing industry, academic researchers, government agencies, and organizations associated with regulation of the brewing industry. The society’s vision is to be the global community for scientific excellence in brewing.

The new partnership augments Taylor & Francis’s existing chemistry and food sciences portfolios, with the inclusion of this renowned society journal.

Richard Delahunty, Editorial Director for the Physical Sciences and Engineering Portfolio at Taylor & Francis said: “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the American Society of Brewing Chemists to publish their esteemed journal. We look forward to working closely with the Editor and ASBC publication staff to collaborate on future development, bring the content to a global audience, and most importantly, to support ASBC in their mission to perpetuate understanding and appreciation for ‘The Science of Beer’.”

Scott Britton, ASBC Vice President commented: “The ASBC Board of Directors chose to partner with Taylor & Francis to provide the utmost visibility for our authors and their science. The move to the robust and state-of-the-art Taylor & Francis platform will provide the perfect environment for content delivery. The ASBC board is confident Taylor & Francis will be an exceptional partner to assist in the future development of JASBC under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Inge Russell. The partnership with Taylor & Francis will surely increase not only our visibility to broader audiences, but also the reputation of both the journal and the society. This truly is a momentous move for ASBC.”