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Taylor & Francis Group Receives Choice Outstanding Academic Title Recognition

Boca Raton, FL: On December 1, 2020, Choice announced 25 Taylor & Francis titles as winners of the 2020 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award. The Outstanding Academic Title Award is presented each year to a prestigious selection of academic material and represents the highest caliber of scholarly titles reviewed by Choice.

The Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award conveys the extraordinary recognition of the academic community. This year’s Outstanding Academic Title list includes 531 books and digital resources chosen by the Choice editorial staff from among the over 3,500 titles reviewed by Choice during the past year. The 2020 Taylor & Francis title winners consist of 12 CRC Press titles and 13 Routledge titles.

These outstanding works have been selected and awarded for their excellence in presentation and scholarship, significance of their contribution to the field, their originality and value as an essential treatment of their subject, and significance in building undergraduate collections. Constituting about fifteen percent of the titles reviewed by Choice during the past year, and four percent of the more than 11,600 titles submitted to Choice during this same period, Outstanding Academic Titles are truly the “best of the best.”

For more information and to explore the works by Taylor & Francis that were selected as 2020 Outstanding Academic Titles, please visit https://www.routledge.com/go/taylor-francis-2020-outstanding-academic-titles.


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