Taylor & Francis Managing Director elected as new President of the Association of Publishers in India

The Association of Publishers in India, India’s leading trade organization for the publishing industry, has announced that Nitasha Devasar, Managing Director, Taylor & Francis India has been elected as President of their new Executive Committee.

The Association of Publishers in India stands for the promotion & advancement of publishers in India. It aims to protect and advocate for the common interests of its members and professionals engaged in global publishing.

The new Executive Committee will lead the charge of communicating industry opportunities and concerns to relevant stakeholders across the world.

Nitasha Devasar said of this new appointment:

“Building on the momentum created so far, we hope to build a broader consensus around our shared purpose as an industry. The value proposition of Indian publishing, which is among the largest in the world, for quality education, employability and a growing nation, needs to be highlighted.”

The Executive Committee includes representation from top publishing houses, including Scholastic, Pearson, DK and Cambridge University Press.

The committee members will work cohesively with regulatory bodies, industry organizations, and global associations to continue to put Indian publishing on the international map.