Taylor & Francis partners with ReadCube to enhance discoverability of article and book collections

Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly content, today announced its partnership with publishing technology company, ReadCube. Through ReadCube’s Discover service, over four million Taylor & Francis journal articles and book chapters are now indexed and discoverable across ReadCube’s platform. By incorporating popular features from Taylor & Francis Online with those of ReadCube’s reference management tools, scholars will enjoy a more immersive and productive research experience.

“As a publisher, our priority is to enhance the online experience for academic customers, to enable them to discover research easily and effectively” says Max Gabriel, Chief Technology Officer, Taylor & Francis. “In order to create the most compelling and useful experience for readers, we are dedicated to using innovative solutions to remove barriers to research, and help our readers discover more, faster. Our partnership with ReadCube reflects this commitment, and is an example of how scientific technology companies and publishers can work together to facilitate discovery.”

When viewed within any of free ReadCube’s web, desktop or mobile apps, the best of the Taylor & Francis HTML reader experience is integrated into ReadCube’s signature Enhanced PDF format. Articles will feature clickable author names, hyperlinked in-line citations, direct access to supplemental content and figures, social sharing, annotation tools, and altmetrics, among other helpful features.

“We’re delighted to partner with Taylor & Francis,” said Robert McGrath, CEO of ReadCube. “Taylor & Francis is not only a leading publisher in the industry but more importantly, an organization that shares our vision, supporting researchers in their pursuits of discovering the bigger picture surrounding a paper – in one simple click of the mouse. The addition of their collection to our discovery tools and availability as enhanced PDFs, brings incredible value to our community.”