The most comprehensive source on Modernism offers new insights in Architecture and Dance

The latest update for The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism (REM) contains over 300 new articles especially commissioned for the resource alongside thirty-five new images. Each article has been sourced but our team of subject editors, led by General Editor Associate Professor Stephen Ross (President of the Modernist Studies Association).

The latest update includes new articles across all subject areas but with a particular focus on building the areas of architecture and dance. The size of this update means that the site has increased in size by 30%.

An accessible and intuitive online platform, REM brings together a wealth of interdisciplinary content about the Modernist period, and is the ideal starting point for any research in modernism. Overview articles are available on twenty-five of the most studied topics of modernism making this the perfect resource for students.

With over 1,000 articles from experts in the field, supported by over one hundred images, REM is a vital tool for students and researchers. The content is fully cross-referenced, allowing for greater discoverability between fields, and covers eight key subject areas: Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Researchers can browse by subject, movement, or place in order to discover connections between key topics and fields.

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is ever expanding, and will be continually updated on a bi-annual basis. This ensures that the content is always up to date and relating to the needs of our customers.

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