What are the cross-cultural implications of boarding schools?

The Boarding School Girls tells the story of eleven ‘little rich’ Persian girls who were sent to English boarding schools at a young age during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Intriguing and insightful, it offers a psychological analysis of the long-established British and colonial boarding school tradition and its impact across cross-cultural borders.

Ex-boarders themselves, Latham and Ferdows provide vivid and emotionally embodied narratives of everyday lives. Drawing in a unique collection of stories, they offer insight into how they, and other Persian girls, developed as young women and successful adults while immersed in a foreign country. Deprived of contact with their families, it sheds light on why the boarding school education system was selected for them, the different learning and social activities they engaged in and the coping strategies that they used for ‘survival’ outside of their heritage and culture.

We did not intend to generalize the experiences of these eleven women to all women who have experienced the trauma of boarding school.” Explain the authors “However, we believe that the particularities of each story are likely to resonate with other ex-boarders and more importantly, with other women in their role as mothers, sisters and daughters.”

Relevant to academic and casual readers alike, The Boarding School Girls offers a pragmatic perspective on the psychological implications of boarding school education. Soosan Latham and Roya Ferdows assist the audience to understand the psychological trauma of cross-cultural education. They tackle different subjects, including why they were sent abroad; the expectations of their Iranian parents; abandonment and surrogacy; homesickness and the women they have become today.

Succinct and straightforward, this is the first comprehensive exploration of cross-cultural boarding school experience and expands the conversation of boarding schools and their political, social and cultural significance.

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About the Authors:
Soosan Daghighi Latham is a professor at York University and an Associate Coach with the Niagara Institute in Toronto. A PhD graduate of the University of Toronto she is a former Vice President of Human Resources at J.P Morgan Chase, and Assistant Dean, Executive Programs at Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto.

Roya Movahedi Ferdows is an MBA graduate from Johns Hopkins University with a Post Master’s degree from George Washington University. Following several years of working in the corporate world, she is currently an Executive/Leadership Coach focusing her time on supporting clients find work/life balance and develop into better leader.

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