What really causes ADHD? Is it nature or nurture?

Does toxic pollution cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
What about screen use?
Are alternative treatments worth exploring?
Can dietary changes help?

In this ground-breaking new book, leading child psychologist and ADHD expert Joel Nigg explores exciting treatment advances with tremendous promise for improving behaviour in kids with attention problems.

Dr. Nigg distinguishes unsupported, even dangerous approaches from bona fide breakthroughs grounded in the new science of  epigenetics—how genes and the environment interact.  Parents learn which lifestyle changes have been proven to support children's attention and self-control by positively influencing the developing brain. The book is packed with clear information and specific ways to maximize the positive effects of healthy nutrition, exercise, and sleep, and minimize the damage from stress and other known risk factors. Vivid stories illustrate how to integrate Dr. Nigg's practical suggestions into daily life—and how they can help kids succeed.

“How can you stay abreast of the rapidly growing research base on ADHD and its treatment, when even clinical professionals can't keep up? Simple—read this book! Dr. Nigg explains what is currently known about the causes of ADHD, and, more important, offers numerous insights and recommendations for how to find the best treatment for your unique child.” —Russell A. Barkley, PhD, ABPP, ABCN, author of Taking Charge of ADHD, Third Edition

Table of Contents:
1. A New Understanding of ADHD
2. Epigenetics: The End of the Nature-versus-Nurture Debate
3. Food and ADHD: Old Controversies and New Clarity
4. Exercises, Sleep, and ADHD: New Insights on Brain Growth
5. Technology and ADHD: Latest Findings on the Peril and the Promise
6. Environmental Chemicals and ADHD: Sorting Alarm from Prudent Caution
7. Adversity, Stress, Trauma, and ADHD: Finding Sanctuary
8. Getting Professional Help: Traditional and Alternative Treatments for ADHD
9. Tying It All Together

– END –

About the Author:
Joel T. Nigg, PhD, is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University. A leading expert on ADHD, he has conducted scientific research and worked with children and their families on diagnostic assessment and treatment planning since the 1990s.


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