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Where can the Communication trainers and consultants go to focus on fundamental touchstone research and practices?

Few argue about the value of human communication training across a range of contexts. However, changes in technology have contributed to training recommendations that are easily available, widely proliferated, and often marginally justified. Thus, high level, authoritative treatments about quality training become even more critical to sharpen the best and expose negligent or faux practices. This book identifies a framework of 7 Best Practices recognized by scholars and practitioners as essential for those involved in helping others strengthen human communication skills.

The content is the result of several years of research conducted by the Training & Development division of the National Communication Association.  Each chapter is the product of programs and scholarship contributed from accomplished and dedicated training experts.  Some of the best practices such as communication skill proficiency, assessment, and instructional design will be highly familiar to communication professionals and are related to the training itself.  Others, such as organizational expertise and professional development, relate to the trainer’s ability to determine fit and demonstrate proficiency.  Still others, such as technology and transparency enhance the reach and ethicality of the training.

Award-winning teacher and scholar Dr. J. D. Wallace and life-long practitioner and international consultant Dr. Dennis Becker teamed up to provide exemplars, recommendations, and research regarding best practices in communication training. Their efforts have produced this unique guide for academicians, practitioners, and consumers.  The organizing 7 Best Practices described in this book identify verified principles, practical skills, and implementable techniques needed for effective, high-return teaching and learning. As such, it is considered a consequential reference for communication consultants, coaches, teachers, and trainers.


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The Handbook of Communication Training: A Best Practices Framework for Assessing and Developing Competence will be available here:

ISBN: 9781138736528 (hardback)| 462 Pages| £36.00 | 16th August 2018

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About the Editors:

 J.D. Wallace, PhD, is a Professor of Communication at Abilene Christian University. Past works include over 100 national/international presentations and publications with a special emphasis on training and development. Professionally, an award-winning scholar and teacher with numerous consultations in profit and non-profit organizations.

Dennis Becker, PhD, founded The Speech Improvement Company, the nation’s oldest Speech Coaching firm. In addition to having taught at Harvard and MIT, Dennis consults and coaches worldwide. This book is his sixth on communication and represents his continuing effort to strengthen the quality of communication training.