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Women’s sport participation and gender equality: African women in the beautiful game


Despite a notably high percentage of women in political positions, South Africa has high rates of rape and domestic violence, suggesting poor gender equality, widespread discrimination and male dominance in (South) Africa.  Ogunniyi’s recent research in South African Review of Sociology, examines women’s involvement in sport, specifically football and its impact on balance of gender power in South Africa on National, community and personal levels.

New information about stingless bee diversity in El Salvador


Traditional beekeeping using stingless bees originated in the ancient Maya culture. However, this practice has recently declined due to greater use of the more easily managed western honey bee. As a result, there has hitherto been little information available about stingless bees in El Salvador. A new study published today in the Journal of Apicultural Research for the first time provides us with comprehensive information about stingless bee diversity in the country.

Researchers design ‘placenta-on-a-chip’ to better understand pregnancy


National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers and their colleagues have developed a 'placenta-on-a-chip' to study the inner workings of the human placenta and its role in pregnancy. The device was designed to imitate, on a micro-level, the structure and function of the placenta and model the transfer of nutrients from mother to fetus. This prototype is one of the latest in a series of organ-on-a-chip technologies developed to accelerate biomedical advances.

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