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Does food advertising make us eat more?


On a daily basis we are surrounded with images of appetizing and often unhealthy food on TV adverts, billboards, in magazines, and everywhere we go.  With obesity on the rise, this article in Psychology & Health raises questions about constant exposure to food cues and its effect on eating habits. Does it encourage over-indulgence? Are overweight people more vulnerable? The research examines our cognitive processes, our motivators to eat, and the practical implications for the management of dysfunctional eating behaviours.

Sun beds are out. Eating your five-a-day is the key to a sexy sun-kissed glow.


Forget sun beds, sunbathing, and fake tanning lotions. The secret to a sexy, healthy glow lies in eating your five-a-day, reveals new breakthrough research from Taylor & Francis.  A new and innovative study recently published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology sheds new light on the importance of skin colour as a determiner of facial attractiveness. It also shows that carotenoid coloration has the upper hand over melanisation when it comes to the rules of attraction.

Getting justice for victims of revenge porn


An academic has called for an amendment to a major US law to help victims of revenge porn: the online posting of nude or sexually explicit photographs or videos of a former lover without his or her consent.

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