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The First Amendment: should a Facebook “like” constitute free speech to be protected?


A billion Facebook users generate 2.7 billion “likes” per day equating to 1,875,000 every minute.  Increasingly social media has become a form of social and political engagement and 47% of FB users have “liked” comments on a political cause they believe in.  Protected free speech is a luxury the Western world has long enjoyed.  Does clicking the universally understood thumbs-up “like” constitute actual speech?  It conveys a message understood by most but should it demand constitutional protection?  New research in First Amendment Studies explores legal precedents surrounding this form of communication and surveys FB users’ attitudes.

Just how ‘open’ are you? Examining authors’ attitudes to licences, reuse and distribution


Understanding how others can use your work and making decisions on the licence you want to apply to your published research is crucial for any author. The open access movement strongly advocates liberal reuse and distribution of content and there has also been a move by UK funders to mandate use of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence when public funds are used to pay for open access publishing. But how does this fit with individual researchers’ attitudes and opinions on licences? Do their preferences vary by gender, age, career stage or discipline? And are the voices advocating liberal reuse and distribution changing the opinions of today’s research community?  The 2014 Taylor & Francis Open Access Survey sought to answer some of these questions, surveying authors on their licence preferences as part of wider research on open access. Analysis released today further breaks down these initial findings by region, country, discipline, gender, age, and career stage.

United Versus City: who established Manchester’s footballing identity?


Manchester has one of the biggest rivalries in English Premiership Football and research by Gary James, and Dave Day published in Soccer & Society has established who was responsible for giving Manchester the title as one of the biggest footballing cities in the world. In their article, “FA Cup Success, Football Infrastructure and the Establishment of Manchester’s Footballing Identity”, the authors discovered how the city’s first FA Cup success generated interest in the sport that then established Manchester as a true footballing city. “Football in Manchester was not embedded in the city’s life prior to the 1904 FA Cup success. It was mostly the dedicated followers of the city’s teams who paid notice to the game. But that all changed when Manchester City beat Bolton in the 1904 FA Cup final and the game established itself as part of the Mancunian way of life.”

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