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The Librarians of Fukushima


Three years after the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster, the librarians of Fukushima share their story in the latest issue of the Journal of Library Administration.

Must women be seen to be heard?  Voice and gender bias in TV adverts.


This article in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies examines the voice in TV advertising and its relation to visual image and gender.  Do advertising voiceovers affect consumer perceptions of gender?  Using quantitative and qualitative analysis, Pedelty & Kuecker test their hypotheses on these issues.  Their fascinating results reveal some thought provoking insights into audio visual media gender representations.

What does the future hold for Scottish culture?


With little more than a week to go until the Scottish Independence Referendum, debate rages over how a government of an independent Scotland might chose to execute its potential new found autonomy. However, there are of course areas of policymaking over which the Scottish Government has had power over since devolution - cultural policy being one of them. So as thoughts inevitably turn to the future, it is also worth looking back and considering how a devolved Scottish Government has made use of the powers it already has.

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