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Was Brexit an Act of Self-Protection?


The Brexit vote should be understood as ‘a form of social self-protection’ according to leading economist Ann Pettifor. Writing in the journal Globalizations, Pettifor has derided ‘the predatory nature of market fundamentalism’ in which self-regulating markets are left to govern themselves beyond the control of democratic regulations. Voting for Brexit, Pettifor argues, was a rejection of the ‘religion’ of the ‘dominant liberal finance narrative’ by the people that market fundamentalism has left behind.

Can Research Methods from Different Disciplines Work Together?


A new article exploring how to make research methods from different disciplines work together has been published in Cultural Trends. The article’s recommendations are based on the experience of organizing an enormous multidisciplinary project, Dementia and Imagination. With an emphasis on multidisciplinary research growing in the academy and social policy alike, this new article offers valuable insight to researchers and teams involved in collaborations between different specialisms.

Women strongly under-represented in British broadcast media


Recent research in Journalism Practice has revealed a steady disparity between the numbers of male and female experts on British flagship TV and radio news. Despite a prevalence of female authority figures in Britain, authors Lis Howell and Jane B. Singer found that women were outnumbered by four to one.

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