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Ebola – the implications of a worldwide epidemic


Shining a light through the media stories, health claims and international panic, this edition of The American Journal of Bioethics focuses on the latest research on ebola, an epidemic which has enormous implications for health practitioners, scientists, and policy makers worldwide.

Should voting be compulsory or should we have a right not to vote?


Each year, millions of people fail to vote without reproach. Does abstention constitute a citizen’s right not to vote? This article in Australian Journal of Political Science explores whether we have a legal right to a ‘no vote’ and if such a right should be protected as fiercely as the right to vote. Lisa Hill discusses the ‘no vote’, its implications for society and reaches a firm conclusion.

How does bench angle affect upper body muscle activation during bench press exercise?


Muscular activation during exercise is the key to developing muscle mass and strength, and the bench press exercise is a popular and widely used method of building upper body strength.  In the article 'Influence of bench angle on upper extremity muscular activation during bench press exercise' published in European Journal of Sport Science, the authors set out to discover the effects on muscle activation during free weight barbell bench press at 0°, 30°, 45° and –15° bench angles. If greater or lesser angles enhance muscle activation, the results can be used to plan successful upper body exercise programmes.

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