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Thinking of bagging yourself a Black Friday bargain?


In the US, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), has widely been recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year, with many retailers offering new promotions and heavily discounted items for customers as they begin their Christmas shopping. A new study, published in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, examines a broad range of Black Friday (BF) shopping behaviors and experiences, as well as the relationships between shoppers’ motivations and characteristics.

Gypsy Lore Society must rethink rejecting motion of regret over historic racism


Scientific racism, the notion that there are biological differences between races that make some races superior to others, has long been dismissed by the academic community. Despite this it continued to be prevalent and endorsed within the Gypsy Lore Society (the oldest scholarly organization for Romani Studies) up to as late as the 1970s. The board of the Society has recently rejected a motion of regret over this historical racism claiming that apologies are a pointless attempt to change the past. This decision has now been strongly challenged.

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